Accenture’s most asked Interview Questions

1) What is/are your favorite subject(s)? There may be many questions on the subject told.

2) Differences between C and C++.

3) What is include in a C program?

4) What is Dynamic Memory Allocation, example?

5) Differences between C/C++ and Java?

6) Simple programs like Bubble Sort, sum of a simple series, etc.

7) What is OOP?

8) What are encapsulation, Inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction?

9) Explain Runtime Polymorhism

10) What is BCNF?

11) What are inner and outer joins? Examples of both.

12) Questions on keys in DBMS like primary key, super key, difference between primary key and unique?

13) OSI Layers?

14) Why Accenture?

16) Are you ready to work in night shifts?

17) About final year project?

18) Your strengths and weaknesses?

19) Do you a know a language other than C, C++ and Java?

20) Background questions like AIEE rank, year gap, family members, etc

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